Eamon Dunphy Hospitalised After Learning Of Wes Hoolahan’s Retirement

Eamon Dunphy Hospitalised After Learning Of Wes Hoolahan's Retirement
Eamon Dunphy Hospitalised After Learning Of Wes Hoolahan's Retirement

DUBLIN—Sources close to the Irish media personality Eamon Dunphy have confirmed the 72-year-old has been hospitalised this morning, after learning of the retirement of Wes Hoolahan.

The RTE football pundit was, according to family, “extremely distraught” upon hearing Hoolahan’s announcement, and was said to have been particularly hurt at not having heard the news from Wes himself.

“He was so young, so so young,” Dunphy reportedly kept repeating about the 35-year-old Norwich City midfielder. “He barely got a look in. We’ll never know what he could have really done in a green jersey.”

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Hoolahan, capped 43 times for the Republic of Ireland, admitted to being a “little sad” at the prospect of leaving the Irish setup and “absolutely devastated” that he may have killed one of Ireland’s most popular tv figures.

Luckily Dunphy is said to be in a stable condition and his health has improved dramatically in the past few hours after a visit from Hoolahan. After wiping the tears from his eyes, Dunphy is believed to have told Wes he would be “honoured” if he would join him on the RTE panel “to take [his] rightful place amongst the pantheon of former Republic of Ireland legends”.

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