Even Nani Shocked By Rumours Of Man Utd Return

Even Nani Shocked By Rumours Of Man Utd Return
Even Nani Shocked By Rumours Of Man Utd Return

Former Man United legend Nani has expressed his disbelief at recent transfer rumours linking himself with a return to Old Trafford. The Portuguese star claimed he is “as shocked as anyone” by the news and said there had to be some sort of logical explanation.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I googled myself this morning,” an exasperated Nani told FMFN, outside Portugal’s Euro 2016 camp. “I mean me, Nani! Going back to Man U? Even the Sun couldn’t make something sh*t like this up.”

Appetite for a reunion from United fans is minimal and the straight-talking Nani didn’t mince his words: “Aside from maybe Anderson, I’m probably the last person United supporters want to see around there.”

In a recent manutd.com poll of “Portuguese wingers you’d most like to see back at Old Trafford”, the Fenerbahçe star placed third behind Bebe, with the pair receiving almost 3% of the votes between them.

In one last desperate effort to explain “these ridiculous rumours”, Nani suggested Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Old Trafford may have played a part. “It must be a Portuguese thing or something. I mean it’s the only rational explanation.”

If by some miracle the rumour actually turns out to be true, Nani expects to learn a lot from the Special One. “I really think under Jose I can finally discover how the hell to beat the first man while crossing a ball.”