Miss Piggy Denies Split from Kermit is Due to his New Islamic Beliefs

As the shock news of the Kermit-Miss Piggy breakup begins to set in, social media is already searching for answers.

The pair were at pains to suggest the split was amicable but sources close to the Hollywood power couple say cracks began to appear after Kermit returned from a USO tour to Kufa, Afghanistan. It was there Kermit discovered Islam and his new found faith reportedly put a strain on the already rocky relationship.

Speaking to CNN, Miss Piggy said her strong atheist views had no effect on their relationship but that “the Frog’s” religious views were “restrictive”.

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy split
Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy split

Close friends of Miss Piggy also denied the star’s prejudice against muslims saying she fully supports Kermit’s faith but says certain needs have not been met in recent months:

“Kermit used to be such a generous lover and always leave me satisfied but recently he’s seemed a little coy to fulfill all my needs.”

Kermit denied his muslim faith affected the relationship and insisted that he has never eaten pork before out of respect for his girlfriend’s ancestors.

The news couldn’t have come at worse time for ABC, with the pair set to star in a new Muppets TV series in September.

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