Melania Trump Accidentally Signs Name ‘Melania Trudeau’

American First Lady Accidentally Signs Name Melania Trudeau
American First Lady Accidentally Signs Name 'Melania Trudeau'

WASHINGTON, DC—The First Lady of the United States suffered a rather embarrassing moment at a recent Trump campaign rally after accidentally signing her name ‘Melania Trudeau’ to a fan.

Mrs Trump reportedly made the error while signing a Trump supporter’s MAGA hat, when he noticed she had written the surname of Canada’s Prime Minister instead.

According to the fan, the First Lady immediately began blushing and apologizing, saying, “Oh my I’m so sorry. I accidentally wrote Trudeau instead of… of…. of whatever my last name is… Oh yes…. Trump…. How could I forget….”

“She just kept apologizing and saying that she had been doing that a lot lately,” the supporter told the BSJ. “She ended up scratching out the Melania Trudeau name, which was a shame because it was written it in such beautiful cursive handwriting compared to the big block capital letters of TRUMP she replaced it with.”

“I told her that I thought the original signature looked a lot better and she just sighed at me and said ‘yeah, doesn’t it?’ “

President Trump tweeted that he believes his wife’s mistake could have been the work of pranksters, terrorists or even worse, Democrats.

“She probably just had the name Trudeau in her head because, like me, she’s been seeing his name written all over the White House recently. And not just in the mirror of Melania’s washroom but Ivanka’s too. The FBI must investigate.”

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