Oasis to reform for “one off” half time show at next Manchester derby 170

  • Liam Gallagher: “City need us to perform again and inspire Yaya. We should have never have missed his birthday.”

  • Moyes: “This is the final piece of my United masterpiece.”

  • Manchester derby CLXIX’s half time show to be most watched show since Aqua in the 133rd derby.

Gallagher brothers: “Only David Moyes could have convinced us to reunite.”

Liam and Noel Gallagher are set to sensationally play a one off gig at the Dr. Pepper Half Time show at Manchester Derby CLXX.

In a statement released jointly by Oasis and Man United press representatives: “Manchester United are delighted to announce that Oasis will perform at the Dr. Pepper half time show next season. Both parties feel the Old Trafford is the perfect venue for two die hard city fans such as the Gallaghers to reunite.” The half time show is scheduled to last 50 minutes but may run longer.

Oasis to reform in time for next Manchester derby


This unexpected reunion is the brainchild of former manager David Moyes who has continued to work on the deal with Universal Music and Dr Pepper. Discussions began early in the Moyes era and despite taking the Real Sociedad post in November he has continued to broker a deal between the Gallagher brothers. “Rather than concentrate on signing quality players or play attacking football, I focused all my effort into this half time show as I know how important it will be to Manchester United.”

oasis old trafford

Manchester United Supporters Group issued a statement thanking Moyes for his amazing work in reuniting the band and said they finally can see “‘the method behind the madness.” Moyes has said that Sociedad can look forward to similar surprises in 2017 when he is ambitiously trying to reunite 5ive. Returning Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson said he would have preferred Blur which has reopened the Blur/Oasis debate for the 170th time.

Harry Redknapp was available for comment.