Obama Cites ‘Childproofing Nuclear Buttons’ As His ‘Best Decision’ As President

Obama Cites 'Childproofing Nuclear Buttons' As His 'Finest Moment' As President
Obama Cites 'Childproofing Nuclear Buttons' As His 'Finest Moment' As President

HONOLULU, HI—The former American President Barrack Obama has cited “childproofing the nuclear buttons” as his “best decision” as commander-in-chief.

In his first Canadian interview since leaving the Oval Office, Obama claimed his decision to secure the nuclear launch codes with a childproof lock, was “easily” his finest moment throughout his 8 year presidency.

“It’s the best decision I made in terms of the long term safety of all Americans and mankind as a whole,” he told the BSJ on Twitter. “More than Obamacare or killing Bin Laden, that’s gotta be number one.”

Obama’s move quickly proved to be a masterstroke, as President Trump admitted to mistaking the launch codes for a tv remote within his first night in the Oval Office, almost bombing Spain.

“I try to find FOX News and I nearly wipe the Euro-Mexicans off the face of planet Earth,” Trump tweeted that night.

Since then, the 45th President has reportedly misplaced the United States’ nuclear football 8 separate times but is “pretty confident” it’s located somewhere between his golf resort in Mar-a-Lago and his golf resort in Palm Beach.

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