Prince George In ‘Stable Condition’ In Hospital After ‘Accidental Collision’ With Justin Trudeau’s Elbow

BREAKING NEWS: Prince George Justin Trudeau
BREAKING NEWS: Prince George Justin Trudeau "collision" hospitalizes toddler

VICTORIA, BC –  Prince George is in a “stable condition” after being hospitalized today, following an “accidental collision” with Justin Trudeau, a Royal Family spokesperson has confirmed.

The third in line to the British throne was airlifted to Royal Jubilee Hospital following what sources earlier described as “an encounter” with the Canadian head of state.

Despite suffering a blow to the head from the Prime Minister’s right elbow, the 3-year-old is expected to make a “full recovery”.

“We’ll keep him in for observation over the next few days, but he should be fine” Dr. Stevens told the BSJ. “He’s lucky the force of the blow was so weak.”

While no member of Prince William or Kate Middleton‘s security team was present during the clash, many of Trudeau’s staffers who witnessed the incident claimed it was “entirely accidental” and merely a result of the PM attempting to high-five the toddler once and for all.

“On behalf of all Canadians I apologize wholeheartedly,” the Prime Minister told reporters, as the Prince was wheeled to an emergency helicopter. “I really thought he was gonna go for it this time.”

Despite Trudeau apologizing “unreservedly” for his part in the bizarre incident, he hinted that the great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth II may be overreacting slightly.

Prince George Justin Trudeau exchange pleasantries
Prince George Justin Trudeau exchange pleasantries

“I’m sure it was quite a shock for him, but honestly the contact was minimal,” he told CBC Vancouver. “Trust me, I’ve elbowed tons of people, and this was like a 6 out of 10 at best.”

“Like the hive-five, I’m sure he’s milking this for all it’s worth, now he’s the new darling of the internet,” he added, while visibly foaming at the mouth.

The Liberal leader’s critics have been quick to point out his chequered history with physical contact, since becoming Prime Minister.

“Now, this is a trend. Justin Trudeau is a monster and needs to be stopped,” roared NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, outside the Prince’s hospital. “If and when George is able to speak, I’d love to discuss with him an upcoming class-action suit that I think he’s going to be very interested in.”

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