Robbie Brady mocks Scotland: “Guess they’ll be Home Alone this summer”.

Rep of Ireland playoff scorer, Robbie Brady, has poked fun at Group D and Celtic rivals, Scotland following the Republic’s qualification. Ireland’s 2-0 win over Bosnia on Monday night secured their place at Euro 2016, where they will join home nations, England, Northern Ireland and Wales in France.

Ireland’s 3rd place finish in Group D resulted in Scotland missing out, and Brady was quick to mock Scotland for failing to qualify. Speaking in the aftermath of Ireland’s win, he said, “well they’ve got their independence now. ( They’ll be Home Alone next summer,” he shouted, before placing his hands on his cheeks and screaming into the television camera.

O’Neill was visibly delighted and the Irish media allowed him all of 5 minutes to bask in the victory before immediately asking about Ireland’s chances at Euro 2016 and what the country’s expectations should be. “Well honestly, Giovanni has set the bar very high. But listen, we’ll go there and try our level best. I guess we’ll try to not lose 3 games in a row anyway. And I suppose if we could avoid getting absolutely hammered, that’d be a bonus too.”

As O’Neill, Keane and the rest of the Ireland setup took the acclaim of the crowd, one man conspicuous by absence was FAI chief John Delaney. Delaney later apologised to reporters for his no-show after the game, saying he’d “left early to beat the rush”. “I ducked out with 20 minutes to get a seat in the pub. They’re always jammed after the game so I thought I’d get a few in early. It’s going to be a great night.” Delaney then began singing, leading the pub in the Wolftones classic, Joe McDonnell.

The Ireland hero, Jon Walters, is said to still be in the centre circle of the Aviva, having slept there overnight.