Taylor Swift Spotted Outside Brad Pitt’s House; Insists They’re ‘Just Friends’

Taylor Swift And Brad Pitt insist they're ‘Just Friends’ | HIMYM Movie
Taylor Swift And Brad Pitt insist they're ‘Just Friends’ | HIMYM Movie

AFTER being spotted outside his LA mansion, a representative for Taylor Swift has strongly denied reports that the pop star is dating Brad Pitt, insisting the pair are “just friends”.

“Taylor is just helping a good friend through a difficult spell,” the rep said. “Brad’s never been broken up with before and Taylor has some previous experience.”

The 26-year-old later herself told the BSJ that reports of a romance between her and Pitt are “totally crazy”, after being caught leaving through a back exit from Pitt and Jolie’s former home.

“It’s not what it looks like. Honestly we’re just really good friends,” she said before darting into a black Escalade.

A close friend of Swift’s verified her claim, saying that they’ve “only just met” and that Taylor wouldn’t be thinking about dating, marriage and kids until “at least” the 72-hour mark.

Friends close to Pitt confess that the 52-year-old actor was “deeply hurt” by Jolie’s divorce and that his surprise and sudden friendship with Taylor has been “like a breath of fresh air”.

“It’s only been 24 hours but Taylor’s already been amazing for Brad,” one close friend told TMZ, adding, “she seems to know a thing or two about break-ups.”

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According to sources, Taylor Swift And Brad Pitt’s first meeting was “completely by chance”.

After Swift’s car was spotted outside Pitt’s home, just hours after news of the actor’s divorce from Angelina Jolie broke, social media went into meltdown. However, the pop star’s manager responded by saying Swift’s car merely “broke down” outside the Hollywood actor’s home.

While Swift waited for a tow-truck, eyewitnesses claim she used her time to wash her car, despite only wearing a bikini top and daisy dukes. When Pitt emerged a few hours later to grab his morning newspaper, having reportedly run out of rolling papers, the two “got chatting”.

Now the pair are heading off to the South of France to spend time working through their respective break-ups, like “any good friends would do”.

“They both just wanted to get away from it all,” a source close to Swift told TMZ. “Brad just wants to step out of the limelight, you know, fly under the radar a little bit with someone he can confide in and trust to keep a secret.”

TMZ have not rested since the news broke, having spent their time trying out couple’s nicknames for the new pair. Both “Switt” and “Pift” were strongly considered before “Braylor” became the “obvious choice”.

While the two aren’t dating, Swift is still believed to be penning a break-up song, “just in case”, according to reports.

In unrelated news, Jennifer Aniston has tragically died from suffocation, having laughed continuously for over 47 hours.

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