Furious Trump Demands To Know Why He Can’t Go Golfing In Mar-A-Lago

Furious Trump Demands To Know Why He Can't Go Golfing In Mar-A-Lago
Furious Trump Demands To Know Why He Can't Go Golfing In Mar-A-Lago

WASHINGTON, DC—An enraged Donald Trump has claimed the Secret Service are preventing him from golfing in Mar-A-Lago and the American President demands to know why.

Airing his grievances via Twitter, the American leader called out his own security detail for denying his repeated attempts to travel to his favourite golf resort this week.

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“MY Secret Service detail are not allowing ME to golf in Mar-A-Lago, without giving me ONE good reason why not. Bad!” Trump tweeted, as FOX News labelled the move “an unprecedented act of insubordination”.

The 45th President later accused the Director of the Secret Service for caving to the “fake news liberal media” who Trump alleges falsely claimed he has golfed over 15 times since becoming president.

“I have not stopped working for a single second since I took this office & the one time I try to take a small break for a little golfing, I’m not allowed,” read his second Tweet on the matter.

In between these two statements the President took time out of his busy day to tweet his support for the tragic victims of Hurricane Irma.

Using the hashtag “#Bored”, Trump declared:

“I feel so trapped. Now I know how those people in the way of that hurricane feel. P.S. Thoughts and prayers to all those dealing with the devastating hurricane Irma. Wow, when it rains, it pours.”

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