Trump Claims Not Deporting Obamas Under Muslim Ban Would Be ‘Discriminatory’

Trump tweets about legal obligation to deport Obama and Michelle. | Trump deporting Obamas
Trump tweets about legal obligation to deport Obama and Michelle. | Trump deporting Obamas

DONALD Trump has warned that not deporting President Obama under the republican candidate’s proposed ‘Muslim ban’, would be “discriminatory” and ultimately illegal.

Earlier Trump caused controversy on Fox & Friends, by suggesting that once his $71 billion-a-year plan is implemented, Muslims currently residing within the United States would face “temporary exclusion” including the sitting president:

“So what, I should treat him differently based on who he is? That’s not very American and quite frankly it’s deeply discriminatory to the millions of Muslims across this nation that are not the sitting U.S. President.” Donald Trump on President Obama

Trump told supporters that while it would hurt him greatly to do so, he would have “no choice, legally” but to forcefully remove the 44th president and his family from America.

“Unless Obama can somehow prove he’s not Muslim, him, his daughters, and particularly his wife will have to leave. I won’t like doing it anymore than they will, but those will be the rules that I’ll have just made up, so what will I be able to do? My hands will be completely tied.”

Under the exile, the Obamas would be prohibited from contacting any American citizen or U.S embassy, and furthermore would be banned from watching the U.S. version of Netflix. Trump did however indicate that he believes Guantanamo “is still open” although he expects space might be limited.

Ultimately though, the former Apprentice star appeared unconcerned about where the Obamas might end up. “Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico? I don’t really care where he goes, so long as it’s not America.”

He also insists that if he is “forced” to carry out the controversial deportation, he hopes the president will hold no grudges. “I’m sure Barack would do the exact same,” he added, as the rest of the world wonders “why doesn’t he…”

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