U.S. To Allow Unstable Dictator Meet With Kim Jong-Un

WASHINGTON, DC—In a move that has stunned the world, the United States has today agreed to allow an unstable dictator meet with Kim Jong-Un.

The meeting scheduled for May, will see the self described “greatest ruler in history” travel to North Korea for talks with Jong-Un despite increased protestations from the wider international community.

“Allowing this manic, hell bent on destroying the world, anywhere near the leader of North Korea could have serious ramifications for us all,” EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker warned. “The things that man could put in Kim’s head don’t even bear thinking about.”

Indeed many inside the U.S. government had serious concerns of setting up a meeting with such a loose cannon, capable of anything and the Supreme Leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Speaking to his supporters the erratic dictator attempted to calm fears by insisting the meeting was in the “final solution” to recent tensions in the world.

“I promise you this will be the meeting to end all meetings,” the deranged fascist promised. “After this the world won’t need any more meetings, believe me.”

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