Vancouver Candle Co. To Move To Kamloops And Rebrand As Kamloops Kandle Kompany

Vancouver Candle Co. To Discontinue Range Of Auschwitz Scented Candles
Vancouver Candle Co. To Discontinue Range Of Auschwitz Scented Candles

VANCOUVER, BC—The under-fire Vancouver Candle Co. has today announced its intention to move to Kamloops and rebrand as the Kamloops Kandle Kompany.

The move comes after the company’s co-founder Nick Rabuchin sent a series of racist and derogatory comments to Black and Jewish women, prompting him to apologize for getting caught before resigning in an Instagram post titled “I FUCKED UP”.

Having being dropped by many major retailers such as Indigo and Nordstrom, the company also announced its intention to relocate to nearby Kamloops and start again under a new name.

“We wanted the new name to reflect our fresh start but with also a nod and a wink to our past and we feel that the ‘Kamloops Kandle Kompany’ reflects that. Because no one should ever forget where we came from.”

In disgust at the changes Mr. Rabuchin resigned Wednesday morning bemoaning the rise of “PC culture” that he claims is the real reason for the backlash against the candle company. (SunriseEquipment)

“Gone are the days when you could anonymously text black people and call them the n-word,” Rabuchin told the Daily Stormer. “It’s PC culture gone mad.”

The formerly known Vancouver Candle Co. confirmed Mr. Rabuchin’s departure, claiming he will have no further connection to a company he still owns with his life partner, other than to collect his share of the company’s dwindling profits.

Furthermore the company took to Instagram again, posted the image “WE FUCKED UP AGAIN” followed by an announcement that the company would be recalling all 40 of its ‘Scents of Auschwitz’ and instead focus on increasing their ever popular range of tiki torches.

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