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The Burrard Street Journal is a occasionally funny Canadian satire, parody and comedy news website based in Vancouver, BC. All articles, videos and images are fictitious and occasionally intended to be humourous. For more information please see our disclaimer or check out our handy guide to fake/satire news.


The BSJ began initially as a soccer satire website named failmuch.com in March 2015. After 6 months, the site began to produce political Canadian and U.S. satire and as of March 2016 the terribly-named FM News was closed down and the Burrard Street Journal was born. Within its first year the BS Journal has been read by millions of people across the world, with a regular viewership in the hundreds of thousands each month. The site has been featured on The New York Times, NBC News, Global News, CBC News, The Daily Mail and our own personal favourite, Sean Hannity, amongst others…


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Canadian satire from the ashes of failmuch.com

Secret Donald Trump TED Talk Receives Standing Ovation in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC - A TED Talk by the U.S. Republican hopeful, Donald Trump, has received...
Trudeau Government Abandons Promise To Abandon Promise Of Electoral Reform

Trudeau Government Abandons Promise To Abandon Promise Of Electoral Reform

OTTAWA, ON (By Jake Wray)—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that his government will once...
Donald Trump To Ban Canadians From Entering U.S.

Donald Trump To Ban Canadians From Entering U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC—REPUBLICAN frontrunner Donald Trump, has vowed to ban all Canadian nationals from entering the US,...
Ruth Ellen Brosseau Quits NDP To Pursue Soccer Career

House of Commons In Shock As Ruth Ellen Brosseau Quits NDP To Pursue Soccer Career

Ruth Ellen Brosseau has shocked the New Democrat Party by announcing her decision to quit politics and...
Mayan Calendar Predicts World Will Now End On January 20th, 2017

Updated Mayan Calendar Declares World Will Now End On Jan. 20, 2017

ALMOST 4 years after predicting the end of days in 2012, the Mayan Calendar has...
Cactus Club bikinis to be sold in all restaurants too

Cactus Club To Trial Controversial New Swimwear Dress Code For Female Staff

VANCOUVER, BC—Cactus Club, one of Canada’s biggest casual-dining chains, are updating what they call their "outdated dress code" for...
Trump Calls Justin Trudeau "Canada's Worst President Yet" | Trudeau Trump

Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President Yet”

THE President of the United States, has openly questioned the credentials of Justin Trudeau, labeling the Canadian head of...
Trump Canada pay for wall

Trump Reassures Mexico That Canada Will Pay Half Of Border Wall

DONALD Trump has reassured the Mexican President that Canada will "definitely" pay for 50% of the proposed...
Trump apologizes to Ted Cruz for calling him Canadian It was disrespectful

Donald Trump Finally Apologizes To Ted Cruz For Calling Him “A Canadian”

THE frontrunner for the Republican party has sensationally apologized to his main rival Ted Cruz, after...

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