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The Burrard Street Journal is an occasionally funny Canadian satire, parody and comedy news website based in Vancouver, BC. All articles, videos and images are fictitious and occasionally intended to be humourous. For more information please see our disclaimer or check out our handy guide to fake/satire news.


The BSJ began initially as a soccer satire website named failmuch.com in March 2015. After 6 months, the site began to produce political Canadian and U.S. satire and as of March 2016 the terribly-named FM News was closed down and the Burrard Street Journal was born. Within its first year the BS Journal has been read by millions of people across the world, with a regular viewership in the hundreds of thousands each month. The site has been featured on The New York Times, NBC News, Global News, CBC News, The Daily Mail and our own personal favourite, Sean Hannity, amongst others…


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Canadian satire from the ashes of failmuch.com

Trudeau Calls For Manitoba To Be Renamed 'Peopleitoba' | Image: Youtube/CBC

Trudeau Calls For Manitoba To Be Renamed ‘Peopleitoba’

WINNIPEG, PB—Having recently corrected a young woman's use of the word "mankind" instead of the...
Obama Cites 'Childproofing Nuclear Buttons' As His 'Finest Moment' As President

Obama Cites ‘Childproofing Nuclear Buttons’ As His ‘Best Decision’ As President

HONOLULU, HI—The former American President Barrack Obama has cited "childproofing the nuclear buttons" as his...

Middle Lane Of Lions Gate Bridge Closing To Make Way For New Bike Lane

VANCOUVER—BC's Ministry of Transportation has announced plans to close the middle lane of The Lions...
Trump's doctor: Hillary Clinton Unhealthiest President Ever

“Hillary Clinton Would Be The Unhealthiest President Ever Elected,” Writes Trump’s Doctor

THE renowned personal physician of Donald J. Trump has said that in his expert medical opinion, Hillary Clinton is...
Mayor Robertson ‘Proud’ To Have Fulfilled Promises To End Housing Affordability And Increase Homelessness

Mayor Robertson ‘Proud’ To Have Fulfilled Promise To End Housing Affordability And Increase Homelessness

VANCOUVER, BC—Announcing his intention to not seek re-election for a 4th term in front of...
Pope tweets Trump to give up presidency for Lent

Pope Suggests Trump Gives Up Presidency For Lent

THE VATICAN, ROME—The head of the Catholic Church has personally tweeted Donald Trump asking him...
Canada Considering Justin Bieber As New Canadian Ambassador To U.S.

Canada Considering Justin Bieber As New Canadian Ambassador To US

OTTAWA, ON—POP sensation Justin Bieber has emerged as the shock front runner to become Canada's new...
Taylor Swift And Brad Pitt insist they're ‘Just Friends’ | HIMYM Movie

Taylor Swift Spotted Outside Brad Pitt’s House; Insists They’re ‘Just Friends’

AFTER being spotted outside his LA mansion, a representative for Taylor Swift has strongly denied reports that the pop star is...

Canadians Celebrate American Thanksgiving By Giving Thanks They’re Not American

IN what is being described as a major break from tradition, Canadians across the globe...

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