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Trudeau Calls For Manitoba To Be Renamed ‘Peopleitoba’

Trudeau Calls For Manitoba To Be Renamed 'Peopleitoba' | Image: Youtube/CBC
Trudeau Calls For Manitoba To Be Renamed 'Peopleitoba' | Image: Youtube/CBC
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WINNIPEG, PB—Having recently corrected a young woman’s use of the word “mankind” instead of the more socially acceptable “peoplekind”, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today signalled his intention to have the province of Manitoba permanently renamed “Peopleitoba”.

The comments arose during the PM’s latest town hall in Winnipeg, where one woman asked how his government planned to help the many wounded veterans such as herself currently struggling financially in Manitoba.

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“You know, that’s okay, but we actually say Peopleitoba now,” the PM responded sharply. “You see this is the problem with our country. How can we expect women to advance in our society when they live in a place literally named after men. Something needs to change.”

Repeatedly reminding those in attendance that the current year is 2018, Trudeau stated that it was impossible for the women of Canada’s 5th most populous province to feel truly equal so long as “exclusionary terms such as Manitoba” continue to be used.

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“To think that in 2018 we still have a province’s name containing the word man is embarrassing but it won’t be for much longer. We are a fully inclusive country and the people of Manitoba need to accept that.”

“That’s why I’m proposing the province currently known as Manitoba be permanently renamed to a more modern name that fully represents the thousands of genders that make it up,” the Prime Minister declared, adding, “plus Peopleitoba just rolls off the tongue more.”

“How did the first province to allow women the right to vote come to this?” he wondered aloud. “It’s a disgrace and the human beings of the great province of Peopleitoba deserve better.”

Once it has been officially renamed, the Prime Minister will next set his sights on changing other archaic, sexist words such as “human” and “woman”, suggesting Canadians needed to be extra vigilant of words containing the letters “m” “a” and “n” consecutively, and immediately report any offending terms to the relevant authorities.

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