Adam Johnson releases apology video: “No one has suffered more in all this, than me.”

Convicted paedophile Adam Johnson has publicly apologised to his former employers Sunderland Football Club for the first time since been found guilty. In a short video released on his Myspace account, Johnson addresses the many people he has affected in a heartfelt confession.

The former England international admits he finally realises how his actions impacted the lives of many people. “I’ve hurt the people I care about most, the board, the manager and my teammates. You’ve all suffered as a result of this mess and I’m truly sorry.”

With a lump in his throat, Johnson next addressed the person he feels that has “suffered more than anyone.” “This is very difficult for me to say on camera, but I would like to apologise to myself for ruining my once promising life. I really wasn’t thinking about myself when I took those actions but I’ve hurt the person I love more than anyone, and I need to live with that,” he said wiping away the tears.

Johnson next acknowledged the supporters who look up to him. “I’d like to thank the Sunderland fans for their support, and while this may not even apply, I’d like to say sorry if there is any fans or fan that has been affected by my actions.”

During the video, Johnson is then appeared to be prompted by someone off camera, to mention “one fan in particular”, that may have been hurt “more than most”. “My girlfriend? My child? My family?” a confused looking Johnson replied. “What girl? What are you on about?”

Adam Johnson releases apology video
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Facing a lengthy spell in prison, Johnson says he will use the time to become well versed on the age of consent laws in the UK. “No more 15-year-old’s for me, that’s for sure,” Johnson chuckled. “Instead I’m going to use my 6 years in prison, to focus on girls that will be 16 by the time I’m released. The class of 2006 is looking promising.”

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