Bill O’Reilly Claims Women He Sexually Harassed ‘Not Entirely’ To Blame For Firing

Bill O'Reilly Claims Women He Sexually Harassed Are 'Not Entirely' To Blame For Firing | Bill O'Reilly women not responsible
Bill O'Reilly Claims Women He Sexually Harassed Are 'Not Entirely' To Blame For Firing | Bill O'Reilly women not responsible

NEW YORK, NY—Maintaining there were many other contributing factors to his downfall, Bill O’Reilly claims the five women to report his sexual harassment are “not entirely responsible” for Fox News firing him.

While acknowledging that his accusers “obviously” bore a significant portion of the blame for robbing America of its most forthright and likeable tv star, “something they’ll have to live with”, O’Reilly declared that he could not in good conscience criticize the women when he, as a man, could see the true cause.

“Listen females simply don’t have the same mental capacity as men, especially hot ones, that’s just a fact,” O’Reilly began his first interview since leaving Fox, speaking to Infowars’ Alex Jones.

“I can’t blame these women for being outsmarted by the liberal media and radical feminists, the same way I don’t blame African-Americans for all America’s problems, just simply the fundamental breakdown in the African-American family unit.” Bill O’Reilly

“This is just the typical feminazi-leftist brainwashing these poor women into thinking what I did constitutes sexual harassment,” the 67-year-old said, noting that he bore no ill feeling towards them for repeatedly misinterpreting his beauty tips and fashion advice as sexual advances.

“These beautiful creatures’ minds have been corrupted into thinking that my comments on them not showing enough skin constitutes harassment. That’s just television, baby!” O’Reilly explained, as Jones nodded eagerly.

“Nowadays a man can’t comment on the size and suppleness of his colleagues’ breasts, without being portrayed as some sort of creep by the left-wing media,” he added, telling Jones he “wouldn’t believe” the number of female staffers who couldn’t recognize his repeated threats on their careers if they didn’t date him, were nothing but harmless jokes.

“I’ve always been a pioneer for the females, calling on anyone who would listen for the need to have more women on our television screens. Hell, on the Factor I suggested multiple times that we should have a young woman permanently in the bottom left of the screen, dancing or sitting prettily, or the like,” something he noted the President was in full support of. “Instead they just created Fox and Friends instead, and the rest as they say is history.”

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