Boris Johnson Praises Manchester City’s Dedication To Brexit

Image of Boris Johnson and Man City crest
Boris Johnson Praises Manchester City’s Dedication To Brexit

LONDON, UK – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has praised Manchester City dedication to “getting Brexit done” by being expelled from European competition for the next two years.

Man City were today banned from the Champions League and Europa League by UEFA after breaching Financial Fair Play.

Speaking at the House of Commons, Johnson was asked what he felt the appropriate response should be towards reigning Premier League champions.

“Well, my wholehearted congratulations and thanks to Manchester City for their heartfelt dedication to the Brexit cause and to Pep Guardiola for such a high-profile personal endorsement of myself and my leadership. It is very much acknowledged and appreciated.”

“It really sends a message that our boys won’t be pushed around by the European bigwigs any longer,” Johnson continued. “Who needs the Champions League when you have the Carabao Cup?”

“Who needs Real Madrid and Barcelona when you can have Celtic and Rangers?” he said, before glancing at the SNP ministers. “At least for a few years more anyway?”

“We shall have or own Champions League, the British Champions League, featuring Britain’s finest teams from London to Cardiff, Glasgow to somewhere in Northern Ireland.” Johnson added, before refusing to rule out pulling all remaining British teams from Europe.

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