Ched Evans Relieved To Be Downgraded From “Convicted Rapist” To “Alleged Rapist”

Ched Evans Relieved To Be Downgraded From
Ched Evans Relieved To Be Downgraded From "Convicted Rapist" To "Alleged Rapist"

FORMER Sheffield United forward and Wymott Prison inmate Ched Evans, has admitted his “relief” at no longer being known as a “convicted rapist” after having his conviction overturned. “It’s such a great feeling to be finally free of that title,” Evans said. “From now on, I’m just an average, everyday, alleged rapist and it feels pretty good to say that.”

Following the news of Evan’s quashed conviction, various media outlets, including The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sun, released statements indicating they would no longer be referring to Evans as a “convicted rapist” and instead use the term “alleged rapist” until further notice.

The Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins claims the change will only remain in effect until Evans’ retrial. If found guilty again, Evans can expect his former title to return or possibly worse, Hopkins claims: “In that instance I’m pretty sure we’ll refer to him as a ‘two-time convicted rapist’ or ‘man who was twice convicted of raping the same girl’ or something like that.”

However, should the Welshman ultimately be acquitted, Hopkins doubts the media will credit Evans with a typical football title such as “former Welsh star” or “ex-League One hotshot”. “I highly doubt it,” she sneered. “As the saying goes in the Daily Mail, ‘once an alleged rapist, always an alleged rapist’, especially if you’re a foreigner like him.”

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