BREAKING: Georgia Viaduct To Be Demolished Early As Deadpool 2 Filming Announced

Georgia Viaduct To Be Demolished Early As Filming Of Deadpool 2 Announced
Georgia Viaduct To Be Demolished Early As Filming Of Deadpool 2 Announced

THE City of Vancouver has announced sudden plans to bring forward the demolition of the Georgia Viaduct after the filming of the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 was announced.

Production of the Marvel blockbuster is set to begin in May across Vancouver, with the Viaduct expected to be closing forever soon after.

The twined bridge featured heavily in the first movie forcing it to be shut down for two weeks causing major traffic delays in the city. However in order to “step it up a notch” the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, claims the Viaduct must be destroyed this time:

“Rest assured we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t absolutely fundamental to the storyline,” Reynolds told the BSJ, saying the bridge explosion scene would involve a tender romantic moment between Deadpool and girlfriend Vanessa. “Yeah, I’m sure we’ll shoehorn it in there somewhere. I mean you know Hollywood and their explosions, right?!”

Initially the city appeared reluctant to have one of Downtown Vancouver’s most increasingly congested roads, demolished entirely without any plan to rebuild it. However Reynolds claims they were eventually persuaded after the Hollywood actor called in a favour from an old high school friend:

“I called a buddy of mine who works over at some developer called Concord Pacific and our proposal was approved within the hour. Some luck, eh?”

Reynolds joked that Vancouverites “needn’t worry” about the city’s other bridges, which will “remain intact” throughout the film’s shooting. “We won’t need to tear down any others,” he smiled. “Although we will be closing the Cambie, Granville and Lions Gate bridges for a couple of weeks periodically throughout the summer. But don’t worry Vancity, this one might have Wolverine in it,” he added.

The city later confirmed the multiple bridge closures and announced a second lane will be opened on the Burrard Bridge to provide relief for any “potential traffic congestion”.

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