Mino Raiola Blasts Media “Assumptions” As Pogba Dyes Pubic Hair Red

Mino Raiola Comments On Pogba Pubic Hair
Mino Raiola Comments On Pogba Pubic Hair

Paul Pogba has continued to tease Man United fans by tweeting a controversial image of his newly-dyed pubic hair. The selfie appears to have been taken from an airplane toilet, and shows Pogba lowering his shorts to reveal his pubic hair with his right hand, while displaying the peace symbol with his left.

The controversial image, which was quickly deleted and cannot be shown for legal reasons, shows the former United player proudly displaying bright red public hair with the hashtag #FirstNeverShaves emblazoned in white.

The vast majority of tabloids claim the stunt is the final piece of evidence that “once and for all proves, without-a-doubt, Paul Pogba will 100% absolutely definitely sign for Man United tomorrow, probably.”

Some sections of the media have labelled Pogba an “attention-seeker”, a term he strongly denies. “Can’t a guy just dye his pubes in peace, without the whole world going crazy?” he tweeted. The tweet was quickly liked and retweeted by Mino Raiola who added, “fucking bloodthirsty vultures”.

Mino Raiola Comments On Pogba Pubic Hair
Mino Raiola Comments On Pogba Pubic Hair

“Is there nothing you won’t latch onto in order for a story?” Raiola snapped at reporters during his weekly visit to Manchester. “Even something as innocent as a footballer dying his pubes and then tweeting a picture of them? Take a look at yourselves.”

Pogba‘s teammate Patrice Evra, also defended his countryman, stating the 23-year-old is just declaring his intentions in the only way he knows how:

“When the vatican picks a new pope, they change the colour of their smoke. When Paul Pogba decides on a new club, he changes the colour of his pubes. This is how Paul expresses his desires.”  – Patrice Evra

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