Paul Ince Claims He Could Have Beaten PSG 5-0

Paul Ince Claims He Could Have Beaten PSG 5-0
Paul Ince Claims He Could Have Beaten PSG 5-0

PAUL Ince has sensationally tripled down on his comments on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by suggesting he could have beaten Paris Saint-Germain by “five clear goals”.

United, who lost 2-0 at home to the French champions under Solskjaer’s management, could have “easily tactically outclassed” PSG according to Ince had he been in charge.

Responding to the opening question from Gary Lineker on BT Sport: “So Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first defeat as Manchester United manager then?” Ince responded sharply.

“Yeah so what Gary? I could have done that. In fact I could have done better than that, easily. In fact we would have won 5-0 tonight if I have been in the dugout.”

To exasperated gasps from his fellow pundits, Ince reiterated that United would currently be enjoying an unassailable lead going into the second leg, if he was manager.

Surprisingly ‘The Guv’nor’, who got that nickname after choosing it himself, ignored several attempts from Lineker to cut live to Solskjaer’s post-match interview.

“Ok listen Gary, I could do press conferences too you know, I could talk on tv. I’m doing it right now. You see? There’s no reason I shouldn’t have been managing either of those teams out there tonight. Not one reason,” added the man who lost a club record nine games in a row with Notts County.

“And not just me,” he continued. “Brucey, Hughes, Chadwick, they could easily have done what Ole’s done. Ronnie Wallrock could do what he’s done. Ben Thornley? No Problem, easy. Fred The Red? Probably.”

“So you know there’s just no f**king reason why I don’t have a job,” he said raising his voice and turning slowly to stare directly into the camera. “So why don’t I have a job then? Eh? Why don’t I have a f**king job?”

After breaking down in tears for several minutes, Ince eventually composed himself for highlights of the night’s other Champions League game, where he stated there was “no reason on earth” why he wasn’t currently managing Roma and Porto simultaneously.

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