Trump Offers Obama Newly Created Role As Ambassador To ISIS

President Trump Offers Obama New Role As First US Ambassador To ISIS (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)
President Trump Offers Obama New Role As First US Ambassador To ISIS (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC—Former President Barrack Obama has been surprisingly offered a new role under the current administration, as the United States’ first official ambassador to ISIS.

Trump confirmed at today’s press briefing that he had personally reached out to his predecessor in an effort to “finally bring down” the infamous terrorist organisation.

“I want to settle our differences and move on,” Trump said of the 44th President. “ISIS are incredibly dangerous and must be stopped. A man of his vast experience will be invaluable in the fight for peace.”

President Trump, who promised to defeat ISIS within his first 30 days in charge, claimed Obama is ideally placed to act as America’s official representative in “Syria or Iraq or wherever his duties take him”.

“Barrack’s experience with terrorist groups is second to none,” Trump said, glowingly. “I mean who better than the founder of ISIS to help bring down the very organization he himself created.”

The 45th President outlined that if Obama accepts the position he must officially resign as leader of the Islamic State due to the “obvious” conflict of interest.

“I know it’ll be an adjustment for him, but I believe in Barry. I think this could be his first step towards repaying the tremendous debt he owes this country,” adding that unfortunately due recent overspending, no Secret Services detail will be afforded to the former president on diplomatic missions outside the U.S.

Number 44 confirmed that Trump had called him to “bury the hatchet” but admitted the phone call quickly descended into the current President hounding Obama for “inside secrets” on his “people”.

“I told him ISIL are primarily based in Milan but have sleeper cells in Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and Hawaii. In fact, especially Hawaii,” Obama said, packing various suitcases.

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