Trump Urges Canadians To Elect Scheer: ‘Only An American Can Run Your Country Right’

WASHINGTON, DC—The American President Donald Trump has this morning urged Canadian voters to elect Andrew Scheer as Canada’s first American Prime Minister, stating that “no one is more qualified to run that country than an American”.

After former President Obama endorsed Justin Trudeau on Monday, Trump was asked by a CBC journalist on the White House lawn who he thought should be elected Prime Minister of Canada.

“Honestly when I saw who was running up there I thought ‘Canada’s doomed’ but now that I know there’s an American on the ticket, I think maybe Canada stands a chance,” Trump shouted over the sound of his helicopter. “Who else is more qualified to run Canada than an American? (Alprazolam) ”

When asked if there was anything that he specifically liked about Scheer, Trump responded:

“I have to say that when I first heard of Andrew Scheer, earlier this morning, I wasn’t too sure about him. But since then I’ve come to learn that he is a man who is white, and is also from America. So really he‘s exactly what anyone could want in a Canadian Prime President or whatever you guys call it.”

“Honestly I think if an American, like me, was ruling up there then Canada wouldn’t be in the sorry state that it is. We have the best plans and ideas and just look at what a real American like me has done to this country, rather than Obama who as we all know was Egyptian.”

When asked about Obama’s comments on the world needing Trudeau’s progressive leadership, Trump surprisingly disagreed with his predecessor.

“No, no, no, what the world needs now is more regressive leadership, like me and my boy Andy. He also wants to give large tax breaks to the people who need it most, the very wealthy because we have the most money. It’s only fair. So he’s a smart man. I think I like him.”

The American President even stated he would help his fellow countryman by forwarding on the phone number for his “great election guy” in Russia.

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