Trump Mocks Trudeau For Celebrating Thanksgiving ‘6 Weeks Early’

Trump Mocks Trudeau For Celebrating Thanksgiving 6 Weeks Early
Trump Mocks Trudeau For Celebrating Thanksgiving 6 Weeks Early

WASHINGTON, DC—Calling him “a laughing stock” and “an embarrassment to his country”, American President Donald Trump savaged his North American counterpart with a series of tweets mocking the Canadian Prime Minister for celebrating Thanksgiving “6 weeks early”.

Declaring to his 40.2 million Twitter followers at 7:03am, Trump announced, “Justin Trudeau has just tweeted ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ in the middle of October,” adding, “this has to be the dumbest tweet in history. Idiot!”

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The outburst was later deleted but not before being retweeted 250,000 times and was quickly followed by:

“He just tweets things that everyone know’s are so stupid,” Trump continued, citing the time Trudeau celebrated Independence Day 3 days early. “Canadians are completely regretting electing him now.”

“The man seriously needs to think before he types. He’s the face of an entire nation for goddamn sake. Doesn’t someone check his tweets?” he added before quickly turning his attention to all of Canada.

“AND CANADA… If you’re so eager to get an early start, why don’t you just get your own Thanksgiving?” Trump wrote about the North American holiday which actually originated in Canada in 1578.

Canadian Thanksgiving, or as it’s known in Canada “Thanksgiving”, is celebrated on the second Monday of October and led to the hashtags “HappyThanksgiving” and “CanadianThanksgiving” to trending on social media. Predictably this caused President Trump a great deal of confusion and ultimately anger.

“Why is everyone tweeting about Thanksgiving?” was soon followed up with: “Justin Trudeau and the liberal elites are trying to steal Thanksgiving and make it Canadian. This will never happen. #GetYourOwnThanksgivingCanada”

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