Klopp hits back at Allardyce’s “soft” comment: “I just had a little too much to drink”

Jurgen Klopp has revealed his dismay at Sam Allardyce’s comments following Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Sunderland. Allardyce let his feelings be known to the media after a disappointing night for him, both professionally and personally. “As two world class managers, I thought Jurgen and I had something special,” the Sunderland boss told BT Sports. “But now I can see that he’s just another soft German.”

Klopp immediately moved to defend himself and clear up any misunderstanding: “After the game, Sam and I shared a few bottles of wine. I guess I had a little too much to drink so the night had to end early. I apologised to him as he seemed very disappointed but what could I do?”

The former Dortmund boss continued by suggesting he was equally as unimpressed by Allardyce: “In any case, personally I don’t see why they call him Big Sam. He’s no Pep Guardiola that’s for sure.”

Allardyce says “clearly times have changed” and bemoaned the quality of managers currently operating in the Premier League: “I think situations like this are as a result of the high number of foreign managers in the league now. This would never have happened with Sir Alex. He and I would have been up all night.”

Despite blaming other factors, Klopp underlined a willingness to “adapt” to the Premier league’s “customs” in the future. “The next time we meet I shall come prepared with some performance enhancements. Arsene Wenger told me it’s the only way he was able to fit in.”